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Managing Growth

Client Problem:
The sales success of a private company in Northern Virginia. generated unplanned rapid hiring of additional staff. Requirements for increasing staff compelled the development of more formal processes and policy, and a revised organizational structure.

Zenstarr Solution:
Created an HR Policy Manual, revised organizational charts, defined job competencies and wrote job descriptions for business units, and provided a template for new hire orientation. These systems and processes enabled continued growth and contributed to more efficient organization and strategic operation.

Training Leaders

Client Problem:
Metropolitan area municipal government administration wanted to establish leadership standards and provide leadership training, to strengthen manager's capabilities, expand knowledge, and reinforce skills competencies as related to the new performance management system.

Zenstarr Solution:
Designed and facilitated a series of developmental training programs (leadership principles and practices, diversity, performance management), provided assessment and benchmarks on leadership competencies, performed inventory of individual leadership styles and provided individual and group feedback.

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